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  • 1432nd birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad, public holiday

    Friday 1st of December

    Kathmandu: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has extended best wishes for the happiness, peace and prosperity of all the Muslims on the occasion of the 1432nd birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad, the final rasul or messenger of the Islamic faith. 
    In a statement here today, Prime Minister Deuba has said that the message of truth, social justice, fraternity, peace and respect of women by the Hazrat Mohammad still stands relevant today and expressed the confidence that he would continue to remain a source of inspiration of the philosophy of life for all. 
    Stating that the Constitution of Nepal has established adequate provisions for the respect and promotion of all religions, cultures, communities, groups, regions and gender in the country, the Prime Minister has also expressed the confidence that the establishment of a constitutional Muslim commission would play a significant role in the protection and advancement of the rights and well-being of the Muslim community. 
    Today is public holiday in the auspious occassion of 1432nd birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad

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