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  • Local administration clamps indefinite curfew in Dhankuta

    Thursday 18th of January

    Dhankuta, Jan 18 (RSS): The district administration office today clamped a curfew indefinitely in Dhankuta following a tense situation that took place over the failure to name Dhankuta the temporary capital of Province 1. The curfew started at 11:45 am.

    The locals of the district have gone agitated following the government naming Biratnagar as the province capital on Wednesday.

    At least seven protestors were injured in a clash with the police.

    A dozen government offices were vandalised and torched, while an ambulance and a police vehicle were also smashed.

    The protestors smashed a vehicle (Na Jha 1314) carrying Deputy Superintendent of Police Sudip Raj Bhandari after Bhandari reportedly thrashed a protestor.

    An ambulance driver was also hurt in the vandalism. The ambulance was carrying a patient to Bhojpur from Morang when the incident occurred, the police said.

    Over a dozen government offices including eastern regional administration office, the district land revenue office, the district post office, and the district government attorney's office were smashed and torched. Infrastructures like tables and chairs and computers were burned down.


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