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  • CIAA draws Govt. attention towards post-quake relief distribution

    Saturday 9th of January

    Kathmandu, Jan 9: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has drawn the attention of the government yet again that the relief distribution in the quake-affected districts did not gain pace as expected.

                The anti-graft body has expressed its qualm over the government's apathy towards the quake-hit persons, especially in the hill and mountainous areas, which are bearing the brunt of winter chill.

                Many of the quake victims living under the open sky following the damage of their houses during the April 25 quake were reported to be falling sick to dead of winter. Some in Sindhupalchowk district were reported dead due to cold.

    The CIAA recently has instructed the concerned authority for effective distribution of relief materials, including warm clothes and foods in view of the biting cold.

     During an on-site visit carried out this watch-dog agency, relief operation was effectively carried out only in few districts while it remained dismal for many quake-affected districts, according to Krishnahari Pushkar, Spokesperson of CIAA.

                Government recently released fund amounting to more than Rs 3 billion for the same, according to which, each household across 23 worst-affected districts will receive Rs 10,000.

                The post-quake relief and resettlement operations have not been effective, partly for lack of adequate staffers in the local bodies.

    "During our on-site visit, we found that as many as 14 quake-affected districts lacked 150 VDC secretaries," shared CIAA Spokesperson Pushkar.