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  • Take note of weather before air flights: says Chinese pilot Chao

    Thursday 5th of May

    Yek Raj Pathak, Harbin (China), May 5: Chao Feng De, a senior pilot with the Aviation Industries China, one of the leading aircraft companies of China has advised the Nepali pilots to examine the weather before making flights.


    Chao who has been flying over the Nepali sky for the past seven years finds the weather pattern of Nepal quickly changeable which is really a challenge for pilots here. He makes flights to Lukla, Jufal and Jomsom which are the toughest air routes of Nepal.


    "During my seven years of flying over the Nepal sky, I personally reached to a conclusion that it has a quickly changing weather pattern and urge pilots here take its note to avoid untoward incidents," he said. 


    The suggestions from Chao who has been with the Air Dragon since 2001 came when the Nepal is witnessing the incidents of aircraft crash in an increasing order.   Moreover, he called on pilots not to go with the pressure from the airlines companies and others and take self conscience while on duty, expressing his serious concerns over the increasing cases of air crash in Nepal.


    Nepal has short and congested runways and air route comprises high hills and narrow lands as lies in difficult tropical location and the job of flying here is really challenging, the 67-year0old pilot said.


     There might be many factors behind the increasing incidents of air crash and research on this must be done for prevention. But weather is the major one and pilot must be always aware of the pattern of weather, he stressed. RSS

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