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  • Bahrain admits security negligence in prison break

    Monday 9th of January

    MANAMA, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Bahrain's interior minister on Sunday admitted security negligence in a prison break on Dec. 31, which killed a policeman and let 10 inmates convicted for terror crimes to escape.

    Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa briefed the MPs on the latest security developments, specifically the prison break incident, which he described as a "significant terrorism development."
    He said the ministry considers this incident as a terrorist operation against the public security force.
    "As the interior minister, it is my duty to accept and respect your criticism and comments, but I hope the negligence does not overcome the efforts of all of the hard working and loyal policemen who work daily to protect Bahrain," he said.
    The minister said the investigation has identified and arrested a number of individuals suspected of aiding those who carried out the prison break.
    He said the houses of a number of suspects were searched, and police patrols were deployed across the country to protect the public.
    The minister said policeman Abdulsalam Saif was shot before he took over his shift and the 10 terrorists escaped from a gate that was left open for a vehicle to enter.
    The ministry released names and photographs of the 10 men after the prison attack. The escapees were all convicted in previous terrorist cases with some inmates serving 73 to 79 years imprisonment.

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