• Young bull vs. midget female bullfighter

    Wednesday 11th of January

    This video is about Bull and Bullfighter. In this video young bull and female bull fighter fight each other. Bullfighting, it can be defined as a blood sport, within the areas where it is practiced it is not considered a sport, since there are no elements of competition. Instead, it is considered a highly ritualized cultural event and art form which some see as deeply tied to Spanish culture and identity. The main performer, who is the leader of an entourage and the one who kills the bull, is addressed as maestro (master), and his formal title is matador de toros (killer of bulls). The term torero encompasses all who fight the bull in the ring (picadores and rejoneadores). There are only a few countries throughout the world where bullfight practice still takes place in Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador. Bullfighting is already banned by law in many countries, including Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom. Disclaimer: Please note, this is only video embedding website. All of the videos found here come from 3rd party video hosting sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh. We do not host any of the videos. Please contact to appropriate video hosting site for any video removal.