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  • Tourism is most important economic part of Nepal: Ambassador Yu

    Wednesday 11th of January

    Kathmandu, 11 January, Chinese ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong expressed the importance of tourism in Nepal. In the tourism based conclude program in Kathmandu ambassador Yu has said that Nepal can growth their economic rate by tourism. "Nature, old history, local culture and the world heritage spots are the assets of Nepalese tourism", she said. 
    Ambassador Yu focused on the language for the deep relationship between Nepal and China. In the Tourism Board, she believed that Chinese language commanding Nepalese tourism sector businessmen can play the vital role to develop two countries tourism. 
    In the year 2014 one hundred and 40 thousand Chinese tourists were visited Nepal. Due to the Gorkha earthquake the number was decreased on 60 thousand only in 2015. There was increased to 90 thousand in 2016. Ambassador Yu is optimistic in this year to increase the tourists.

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