• Amazing Creation "Meet the Pig Deer"

    Thursday 20th of April

    The given video is about such animal that have different from other animal. In this video there are hybrids animal.   There are cross bit product of Pig and Deer.  Their body structure is same as Pig and Ear and Eye is as Deer. They are as much as active like Deer .They seen vary healthy and smarts then other Pig. The cross bit process is done in Indonesia. The cross bit is done between Male deer and Female Pig. The cross bit is done for great production or improve in the production of pig.  Pig is very useful for meat production. If pigs are kept properly by making they need and clean, the communicable disease will be prevented. In the given video the cross bit product of Pig and Deer is being product to prevent various types of communicable diseases and non communicable diseases which is communicated from pigs.  This process will help to improve firm of animal product or healthy meat product. Disclaimer: Please note, this is only video embedding website. All of the videos found here come from 3rd party video hosting sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh. We do not host any of the videos. Please contact to appropriate video hosting site for any video removal.