• Born With Four Legs

    Friday 21st of April

    The human body is the entire structure of a human being. It is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues and subsequently organ system.  They ensure homeostasis and viability of human body. Anatomy is the study of the shape and form of the human body. The human body has four limbs, two arms and two legs. But the given video is about such people who have four leg and two hands. It is very much socking video. We never imagine that human with four legs and two hands.  Arun Kumar,is a person who have two more extra leg growing from his  lower back - one underdeveloped and the other permanently bent at the knee.  After living for 15 years without any kind of treatment, Arun, from Uttar Pradesh, India, appealed through social media for medical help to remove his extra legs. Disclaimer: Please note, this is only video embedding website. All of the videos found here come from 3rd party video hosting sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh. We do not host any of the videos. Please contact to appropriate video hosting site for any video removal.