• Mazzako Guff With Suleman Shanker 'Iku'

    Friday 19th of May

    Suleman Shanker is one the popular comedian of Nepal. He was famous by his title name 'Iku'. This video is about romantic interview with Suleman Shanker 'Iku'. The program conductor asks different struggle and life stander of Iku. Nowadays Iku engaged in social work. He was keeping more than 12 children and he care about them. This video is based on entertainment purpose. So the program conductor asks iku to make fun. After tha Iku make caricature of different Nepali actors and politician. By continuous the program, program conducer ask him about his best food and cloth that he used to used. Iku also sing song in program time. This video contains more about him. Disclaimer: Please note, this is only video embedding website. All of the videos found here come from 3rd party video hosting sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh. We do not host any of the videos. Please contact to appropriate video hosting site for any video removal.