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    Friday 19th of May

    The nature is very amazing. We can observe and experience vividness here. Nature is composed of up major two factors. They are biotic and a biotic factors. Biotic factors include all the living beings whereas a biotic includes non living beings on environment. The biotic factors are constant themselves but we can observe many vividness in biotic factors. There are some animals that kill others for feeding purpose. They can’t survive in this universe even a second if they don’t kill others. Let us take an example. If lion don’t hunt any other animals then it can’t survive even for one minute. Hence without any wants also he becomes compiled to hunt others. The nature is very dynamic. It doesn’t remain constant even for a millisecond. One dies another immediately born. The value of life is decreasing daily. Due to various scientific inventions and discoveries the life is becoming valueless. The robotic has invented robots as same as man at all. But these sorts of activity adversely affect the nature. Nature must be preserved to live. If the nature gift disturbed by any activities then use feel very uncomfortable to live. The preservation of nature must be our main concern. One must die but saying we must not do any hazardous activities that harms the nature. All the natural resources must be preserved, protected and conserved in order to conserve the nature. Disclaimer: Please note, this is only video embedding website. All of the videos found here come from 3rd party video hosting sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.TV, Veoh. We do not host any of the videos. Please contact to appropriate video hosting site for any video removal.