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  • Kandel, Baral awarded with Madan Puraskar, Jagadamba Shree respectively

    Friday 22nd of September

    Lalitpur, Sept 22 (RSS):  Poet Ghanashyam Kandel has been awarded with the Madan Puraskar -2073 for the epic titled Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra is his sixth book where he has sympathized with the blind king Dhritarastra, a major character of the Mahabharat.


    Similarly, cartoonist Vatsayan (Durga Baral) has been awarded with this year’s Jagadamba Shree Puraskar.


    Chair of Madan Puraskar Guthi, Kunda Dixit, handed both awards amid a function organized at Kamal Mani Theater of Patandhoka in the district Friday. 


    Speaking in the programme, Chair Dixit shared that Baral was awarded with the Jagadamba Shree as he was creating awareness by exposing contemporary malpractices through the cartoon.


    He added that Madan Puraskar was conferred on poet Kandel because he gave a new perspective to understanding blinds in the society. 


    Each year, the Guthi presents the Madan Puraskar to an excellent book by selecting it from among the books listed in the Guthi. Similarly, Jagadamba Shree is provided to a prominent person contributing to Nepali society.


    Both awards carry a purse of Rs 200,000 each.

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