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  • Preparation for election to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies starts in Chitwan

    Monday 25th of September

    Chitwan, Sept 25 (RSS): The electoral preparations for elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies have started in Chitwan district despite the fact that festival fever has gripped people.


    The elections to the House of Representatives and State Assembles have been slated for November 26 and December 7 this year.


    Leaders and cadres of the political parties from the rural municipality to the district level are gearing up for the upcoming elections to emerge victorious that are taking place in the wake of the local level election in all seven provinces across the country.


    Prospective candidates are bustling with run for seeking recommendations for the candidate nominations.


    As the Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal is going to contest the election from the constituency no 3 (then constituency no 4) in Chitwan district, from where Nepali Congress former President late Sushil Koirala vied, the news has created buzz among the locals here.


    The political parties have also started election publicity campaign although no electoral alliance is forged among them yet.


    Nepali Congress Chitwan Chapter Jit Narayan Shrestha said that the NC's central office has instructed to its Chitwan Chapter's rural municipalities and municipalities to nominate their candidates by September 10.


    The local leaders in the districts are also keeping busy for securing recommendations for their respective nominations to contest the upcoming elections, shared Shrestha, adding that they are also resorting to various ways for electoral campaign.


    The NC faced humiliating defeat in the local level election in the district. This democratic party is doing homework to recast its image as a looser to winner by emerging victorious in the upcoming elections.


    UPN-UML, which received overwhelming victory in the local level election in the district too is excited to repeat its electoral history. UML's Chitwan Chapter Chairman Krishna Bhakta Pokharel said that they were waiting for the instructions from their Central office regarding nominations filling of the candidates.


    The major opposite now, UML, has set up offices in several places across the district in view of running publicity campaign.


    The whole party's leaders and candidates are focused on in the upcoming elections while the UML's has started imparting training to its cadres in view of elections, according to Pokharel.


    Similarly, CPN-Maoist Chitwan Chapter's former Chairperson Yam Bahadur Pariyar said that although CPN-MC has not launched election publicity drive, internal preparation was afoot.


    The CPM-MC is also mulling electoral alliance with the CPN-UML to elect CPN-MC Chairperson Dahal from for the election in constituency number from constituency no 3.


    Maoist Centre Chairperson Dahal, who has already made announcement to vie in the upcoming election, was preparing to launch the publicity campaign following the Dashain festival, a party leader said.


    Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)-Democratic has already started its election campaign in the district. RPP -Democratic Vice Chairperson Bikram Pandey had won in earlier election from Chitwan constituency-5.


    The constituency is integrated into the Bharatpur Metropolitan City in line with the federal setup.


    Dahal's announcement to field his candidacy from the constituency no 3 has caused commotion to the RPP (Democratic) fearing a defeat in the election. Pandey, who earlier served as Minister for Forest and Land Conservation, however said he would file his candidacy from the same constituency.   


    District Chairperson of the RPP (Democratic) Badri Timilsina said name of election candidates would be sent to the centre within October 11, while the process to recommend candidate's names from village, town and area underway.

    Under the federal setup, three seats have been allocated for federal and six for provincial election from Chitwan.


    Registration of candidacy nomination for the polls will start from November 2 in the district.

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