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  • Blocked road opens after four months

    Monday 23rd of October

    Rampur, Palpa, Oct 23 (RSS): The Namtaha-Jhokedi motorable road has opened for traffic after four months. The road had remained obstructed since the last monsoon at Foksinghkot of Rambha rural municipality-2, Palpa.


    As a result, some 300 households in Belauja, Lambe, Kharkehan, Borosange, Namtaha of Foksinghkot and Syaju and Masalyang of Hungi have benefitted.


    Landslides in different locations of the road had made it impossible for vehicles to ply on it. The road was renovated at the initiative of the locals, said users committee secretary Tak Bahadur Fal. Around five hundred thousand rupees had been allocated for bringing the road back to operation.


    A person had also died in the landslide that took place on this road section last monsoon.

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